Tragedy in Ontario: Child Dies from Measles in First Case in Over a Decade

Health officials in Ontario grieve the loss of a little child who was killed from complications of measles. This is the first such death for over ten years.

The age, location and vaccination history of that particular child is held in secrecy , because of privacy concern, but health experts are calling for extreme caution and MMR(measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine) vaccination is stressed.

“We are very sorry to hear about a death that happened today. Our wholehearted condolences go to the family of the one who died. ” – Dr. Lisa Vaughan, Chief Medical Officer of Health for Ontario. “Measles is a very easily spread and serious disease and can cause cases that are severe. Therefore, this case should reemphasis the importance of vaccination. “

Measles had once been a recognized child’s illness, but the mass immunization programs have significantly diminished its presence. Nevertheless, a rise in worries was observed last year because of such reduced rates of vaccination. The reasons behind this fall are very complicated and they include vaccine denial, information misdirection, and absence of the health care delivery.

Additionally, in a recent development, the first pig kidney transplant recipient has died.

“Vaccines are secure and they are the best way that you can use to prevent yourself and other people in your family to contract measles,” Dr. Vaughan reiterated. “Measles can trigger dangerous conditions, such as pneumonia, encephalitis or death in worst scenario. Vaccination against them is therefore a necessity to prevent such catastrophes. “

Health officials suggest parents that their children must comply with MMR vaccinations thoroughly. The given amount of time schedule consists of a first jab given at the age of 12 months and a second jab between the ages of 18 months to 6 years. Adults who havenโ€™t received the MMR vaccination or if they are uncertain should also get the immunization.

The Ontario government is likely to start a both public information campaign to combat against vaccine scepticism and promotes large-scale MMR vaccination. Along with public health officials, the contacts of the child are going to be identified which can prevent from further infecting other human beings.

The recent event of the tragic death of the child from measles highlights the significance of keeping the high vaccination coverage so that such diseases like measles do not persist.

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