COVID-19 Linked to New Lung Disease with Concerning Symptoms! 

United States: An extremely rare but fatal autoimmune disease is spreading in Northern England, and recent research shows that this may be because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

More about the disease

The common name of it is the anti-MDA5 positive dermatomyositis, which does not make an exception mostly for elders from the Asian continent. On the other hand, that suspicion has increased among the Caucasian community in Yorkshire faced with the disease.

This happened because the antibodies produced changed the MDA5 enzyme (the melanoma differentiation-associated protein 5). It is a chronic interstitial lung disorder in which the scarring takes place in the lung tissues.

Doctors in Yorkshire reported 60 cases of MDA5 synchrony in 2020-2022, which caused the deaths of eight patients. We were drawn towards the story. com reported.

Reason for sudden surge in cases 

They analyze the number of cases detailing in turn the size of the infections and their relation to the first and second major waves of COVID-19 which were happening at about the same time.

MDA5 is the RNA sensor that translates to a shift in its focus toward the coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2. It is the main function that helps to identify viruses that can alter the RNA.

The author of this study asserted “Here we found an upsurge in the frequency of anti-MDA5 positivity testing in our region (Yorkshire) in the pandemic’s second year, which is extraordinary because this disease is a relatively rare one in the UK. “com reported.

However, the doctors say that this symptom might be a sub-type of the MDA5+ disease in the COVID-19 era and they have given it the name “MDA5-autoimmunity and Interstitial Pneumonitis Contemporaneous with COVID-19″(MIP-C).

The results of the research were published in the journal eBioMedicine.

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